Beachcomber - Pompano Beach
" beachside wedding..."
Photography by A Seaside Wedding
Ceremony by A Seaside Wedding
Trisha and Terry met in 2003 at the ripe old age of 18.  A
mutual friend who was a groomsman at the couples wedding
introduced them.  

They played pool that evening and Terry asked her if she
would like to see his car.  Both of them share a mutual love of
cars, she said yes and he took her for a ride in his 2000
Pontiac Firebird Formula.  Months went by before the couple

One evening while Trisha was out with her girlfriend Terry
drove up, when she saw him she ran to his side and never left
it.  Six months from the date they began dating Terry gave
Trisha a promise ring, and shortly after they moved from
South Florida to Georgia because Terry’s grandmother had
taken ill. His grandmother welcomed Trisha with open arms.
Terry has stayed by Trisha’s side through thick and thin, even
when she needed major surgery on her back.  In 2009 while
vacationing in Florida Terry asked her to marry him. He asked
her to go for a walk with him on the Fort Lauderdale beach.  

It was a romantic proposal when he got down on one knee
and placed the ring on her finger, gave her a big kiss and
asked her to make him the happiest man in the world.  The
couple enjoy working on their home which they bought in
2008, playing video games and watching movies.  Their future
plans which include their 2 dogs Otto and Diesel are for Trisha
to go back to school, and then concentrate on having a family
after graduation.