Florida Weddings - FAQ's
Can the packages be changed to suit our needs and budget?

Absolutely, we will design a package around your personal needs and price it based on your requirements

Can we include our own vows and perhaps have Readers and Singers and other ideas?

Yes, We recommend it and will help put your ideas into the perfect ceremony. Our officiate will contact you prior
to your ceremony to personalize your vows.

Can we provide our own Clergy, or Officiate for the ceremony?

Absolutely , we can also provide a professional Microphone and the music system for your officiate, most Clergy
or Notaries do not have their own setup.

Do we need a witness to sign the license ?

Anyone present may sign the license as a witness if they are over 18. The person performing the Ceremony
may sign as a witness also.

Do we need a Best Man or Maid of Honor to stand up with us?

You do not have to have anyone, however it is usually an honor to ask someone to stand up with you.

What happens if we have an outdoor event and it rains?


You should have a backup plan. You can usually check with your reception area to see if the ceremony may be
moved indoors.

Who takes care of getting the State Required Marriage License?

If you live in the state of Florida, Bride and Groom must go together to the Court House or County Clerks office
The License may be purchased anywhere in the State of Florida and is Valid to use anywhere in the State.
If you live in Florida, the license has a 3 day waiting period on it, arrange to get it as early as possible
License Cost is currently $93.50 and no personal checks are accepted by the License Branch
Only Cash or Money Order If you live outside Florida you need to arrive a day early to obtain the license.

State of Florida residents must be 18 or older to obtain a marriage license and at least 16 with parental consent.
A medical exam is not required and, there is a three-day waiting period for Florida residents, however, there is
no waiting period for non-residents.  Once issued, the license is valid for 60 days. Florida couples are offered a
pre-marriage class, which reduces the cost of their license.   This cost reduction varies according to the county.  
Contact your County Clerk’s office for specifics.  

We are actually already legally married, we just want to have a nice wedding with family and friends.

It is very common. We provide a printed certificate for your Renewal of Vows.

Do we charge Fees for assisting with a Location, and how do we find out more about the many Locations that
you mention in your advertising?

All of our packages include assistance in finding locations. Once you place your deposit for your package, We
will meet with you to discuss ideas of locations based on what you are looking for. Then we schedule a site visit.  
Some locations require a permit that are additional fees.
Frequently Asked Questions
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